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Food Safety is Critical for your ERP System

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Reposted from SYSPRO Blog July 21, 2016

Aligning food safety strategy and ERP implementation is critical for manufacturers who wish to gain a competitive edge in a very volatile and competitive market. World class manufacturers understand that traditional manual processes can no longer provide the real time and accurate information required to drive their businesses. Effective use of an ERP system can help push food safety compliance deep into the 21stcentury and beyond.

Food Safety Regulations
In the food and beverage industry regulations around food safety and labelling are constantly evolving, making compliance a challenging and costly exercise to control. In order to minimize risk in terms of hefty fines and the considerable cost of recall, not to mention the damage to your company’s brand, more companies are turning to ERP to help provide visibility, quality control and traceability.

Implementing a controlled and clearly defined food safety strategy can be greatly bolstered through an efficient ERP system. It is critical that all steps in the manufacturing life cycle are monitored, controlled and measured against predefined standards. From the initial R&D process in developing recipes and procedures for safe and efficient production, right down to the final traceability from the shelf to consumer.

R&D data collection and analysis is often neglected within the ERP system, however using engineering change control as an example can aid in understanding the history and development of the product by recording all changes to the recipe as the product develops.

Change Control is Key
Engineering change control can also be used to accurately control this process in the ERP system through pre-defined product life cycle definition.

Also security procedures and settings within the ERP system can prevent revisions and releases not ready for production from being utilized in the manufacturing and/or distribution process.

Live Traceability Essential
Once a product is ready for production the ERP system really comes into its own in terms of data collection and traceability. Using various tools within an ERP system's accurate works order control in combination with fully integrated lot traceability, allows for detailed analysis of usage to standard, as well as the up and down stream traceability required by legislation. Food safety legislation has globally become more time critical with some countries requiring a full recall to be effected within hours of the report of an incident. An effective ERP solution using its live on-line traceability has this information at the touch of a button, and within minutes both up and down stream traceability can be performed on initial raw material input as well as customers affected by the recall.

Accurate Reporting
The feedback loop into recipe design based on actual usage and production can be reported accurately through the use of work in progress. Allowing the producer to fine tune the yield and recovery necessary for reporting and cost saving. Knowing where what is being used to reduce and minimize waste can deliver enormous cost saving benefits. ERP use and data extraction can also help indicate trends and highlight inefficiencies within the Food and Beverage supply chain

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 August 2016 10:39

Business Software Solutions For Weight Watchers companies

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  • At Phoenix Systems, we are experts in software design and process automation for Weight Watchers organizations
  • We work together with Weight Watchers executives to create intelligent state of the art systems that have been used by many WW companies across USA and Canada since 1994
  • We stand behind our systems and adapt them to constantly changing business environment requirements which helps our clients to achieve their goals

Contact us to learn more: T. 1-647-288-1823 ext 132   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The WW Group, an International organization , has partnered with Phoenix Systems for over twenty years.  What began as a system to capture Operational data has evolved into a comprehensive design that efficiently drives all facets of the business;  General Ledger, Account Payables and Receivables, Payroll, Management Reporting and Inventory Management and Purchasing.   The professional staff at Phoenix Systems are responsive to our needs and suggest program and process improvements to further improve efficiency.

Amy Brozgold
The WW Group, Inc.
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Tally.Net system – complete solution for WW franchise operations

Tally.Net is a state of the art system leveraging the latest technology to support a wide variety of functions in WW corporate offices. From capturing all financial and statistical details of WW meetings to automated payroll processing and synchronization with inventory and financial systems, Tally.Net provides your office staff with the efficient tools needed to manage your business.


Class Companion - Point of Sale Software for Weight Watchers

Class Companion is designed specifically for use in Weight Watcher’s meetings. The software improves efficiency for your service providers by quickly guiding them through all steps of member check in, weigh in and product sales. Timely information is provided to staff regarding member goals, weight history, missed weeks, doctor notes and other facts which help to make communications in a meeting room more personable. This results in an improved member experience.

Class Companion facilitates extension of your corporate policies, meeting schedules, new promotions and programs to the staff on location. Our intelligent synchronization engine keeps your corporate data and point of sale system up-to date on any given hour.


SYSPRO – Enterprise Financial System

SYSPRO ERP is an integrated business accounting system with a variety of modules to support all aspects of your business – from inventory and purchase planning to cash flow management, budgeting and forecasting.

Financial data is always current thanks to integration between SYSPRO financial, Tally.Net and Class Companion systems.

Using SYSPRO’s Integration Framework and Solutions we have implemented a Web-requisition portal for WW locations to order their supplies from the corporate warehouse.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 February 2016 12:41


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NorthCape International Chooses SYSPRO Software to Support Growth; SYSPRO Choice Over Epicor, Microsoft, Exact

COSTA MESA, Calif. – July 20, 2010 – SYSPRO, the leading provider of visionary, pragmatic ERP software, has today announced that NorthCape International, a leading Illinois-based manufacturer of high-quality, high-value outdoor furniture and accessories, has selected SYSPRO ERP to support product-line expansion, provide in-depth insight into operations and add needed functionalities,  including forecasting and planning.    According to Erin Walsh, Chief Financial Officer, NorthCape had been using Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions, but the software failed to generate the business intelligence data needed to enhance current operations and support long-term growth.

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 October 2010 09:35

SYSPRO Again Placed on Food Logistics List of Top Green Providers

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SYSPRO Recognized for Ability of SYSPRO ERP to “Green” Operations of Food, Beverage Manufacturers, Distributors

COSTA MESA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SYSPRO, a provider of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise, mobile and cloud-based utilization, has announced that SYSPRO has again been honored with placement on the Food Logistics list of “Top Green Providers.” The 2016 list recognizes companies whose “products, services or exemplary leadership is enhancing sustainability with the food and beverage industry.” The list offers logistics professionals a guide to the providers, manufacturers and software and technology companies that have found new ways to promote sustainability throughout their operations and those of their customers. This is the third year in succession that SYSPRO has been included on the list.

“The 2016 Top Green Providers reached a new record high for applicants and recipients, confirming the importance of sustainability within the food and beverage supply chain,” says Lara L. Sowinski, editorial director, supply chain network, AC Business Media. “Our industry’s continued focus remains on environmental stewardship and the role that growers, manufacturers, logistics companies, retailers and others play in driving heightened awareness and actions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously boosting cost and energy efficiencies.”

SYSPRO’s ‘green’ leadership is embodied in a very broad collection of capabilities in the company’s enterprise software solution. SYSPRO ERP monitors the food and beverage life cycle from initial ingredients purchases, through manufacture to finished goods, shipments and final deliveries. SYSPRO ERP for Food achieves the critical balance of low inventory levels and high service levels, while incorporating multiple units of measure and catch weights that enable accurate product costing and pricing.

Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA, notes that placement on the Top Green Providers List is again supportive of SYSPRO’s ongoing objective of developing software that not only achieves operational efficiencies, but which also facilitates environmental protection.

SYSPRO ERP for Food helps food and beverage manufacturers and distributors:

  •   Achieve Sustainability Goals;
  •   Comply with Food Safety Regulations;
  •   Manage Product and Raw Ingredients Traceability;
  •   Monitor Supply Chains;
  •   Monitor Customer Communication through CRM;
  •   Optimize Management and Planning with Improved Visibility;
  •   Control Costs to Increase Profitability.

About Food Logistics Magazine
Food Logistics is published by AC Business Media, a business-to-business media company that provides targeted content and comprehensive, integrated advertising and promotion opportunities for some of the world’s most recognized B2B brands. Its diverse portfolio serves the construction, logistics, supply chain and other industries with print, digital and custom products, events and social media.

SYSPRO is one of the longest standing and largest independent, international providers of ERP systems for mid-market manufacturers and distributors worldwide. SYSPRO has for more than 35 years delivered on its promise to provide thousands of its customers globally with the tools required to effectively operate and compete. Backed by a truly dedicated and professional team of employees and partners around the world, the company’s ability to innovate and develop technologies based on the needs of customers is one of the reasons why SYSPRO enjoys one of the highest retention rates in the industry.


Phoenix Systems forms alliance with Dash of WI, USA

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June 2015 -  Phoenix Systems forms alliance with Dash of WI, USA

Full Press Release here.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 July 2015 10:31

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